Incentive First Out With Plugin-Less Video Conversations through WebRTC for SMBs

Challenges traditional VoIP services by protecting business data and running completely in the browser – no downloads required

October 08, 2014, Los Angeles, CA; Malmo, Sweden – Incentive, a private social intranet service that protects an organization’s information while improving productivity, today announced that it will integrate instant, private real-time video into its Conversations feature.

Based on WebRTC, an open technology that enables web browsers with Real-Time Communications (RTC) capabilities via simple JavaScript APIs, Incentive’s beta Video Conversations gives users full control over their video conference in their social intranet, without the need of third-party services, downloads or plug-ins.

Incentive is an all-in-one suite with wikis, blogs, and apps that is hosted securely behind a firewall or in a company’s private cloud. Communication and collaboration between people are conducted within various apps that operate in different formats, such as wiki pages, blog posts, status updates or chat conversations. On the day WebRTC is launched, Incentive’s current and future customers will have the ability to conduct video and multimedia exchanges on the platform, without the need to install anything extra. All video conversations are made directly in a web browser in both mobile and desktop environments. Users only need to launch a Conversation to get access to the new video communications capabilities.

“The moment Incentive learned that the WebRTC standard was going forward, the Incentive team snapped into development mode to ensure that our product fully supported this new way to communicate. Today companies are mainly using traditional VoIP services that are either set up by third parties or that compromise privacy. With Incentive’s built in real-time communications, companies don’t have to invest in new technology or hardware and users aren’t required to learn or install a new software – they can just launch Incentive in a browser and start video conversations immediately,” said Rickard Hansson, CEO of Incentive.

WebRTC enabled Incentive delivers a peer-to-peer connection in which encoding and decoding is made by the respective clients and not on a central server. No communication travels through a switchboard, including multimedia streams. Instead, users have access to a low cost, reliable, real-time video conferencing system with all of the privacy features available from Incentive’s core offerings. To start, Video Conversations will run in Chrome, Firefox and Opera, with Microsoft Internet Explorer to be announced later.

One of Incentive’s video conversation early adopters will be Technossus, an Irvine-based technology consulting and software solutions provider, which began using Incentive in June 2014.

“We couldn’t have been more pleased when we learned that Incentive will fully support WebRTC and will implement peer-to-peer video communication based on this technology within their platform. Our entire team relies on all the collaboration features available within Incentive and now that video is an option, we are eager to add it to our communication toolbox. This will enable quicker and even more effective collaboration sessions within our company,” said Kevin Castle, CTO, Technossus.

“Our vision is to take Video Conversations through WebRTC several steps further. In future versions of Incentive we plan on letting people to do Video Broadcasts from their profile pages or present pre-recorded speeches and how-to-guides for others to learn from – and even share screens directly while in a conversation. There are actually few limits to what and how we can use WebRTC in a flexible solution like Incentive,” says Rickard Hansson

About Incentive:
Incentive is a private social intranet for SMBs that integrates a company’s formal knowledge with their people’s informal knowledge. Every aspect of their business is available in one, secure place, and accessible by everyone in the organization. On average, employees spend an entire day per week looking for information. Using Incentive’s social intranet means that all knowledge about a company, shared by the employees of the business, stays within the company and resides in one place. That means less time is wasted looking for information and more time is gained to get work done. The company has headquarters in Malmo, Sweden and Los Angeles, CA. Learn more at

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