InfoComm Winner: Lifesize – “Don’t Call it a Comeback”


Any excuse to link this old Cool J video. It gets you pumped up, right? Well, the Lifesize crew always seems pumped up. Through rough times or smooth sailing, Lifesize always has this incredible positive attitude. I think it’s because they actually use their own products day in, and day out, and see the benefits first hand. But they have an extra bounce in their step with the return of Founder/CEO Craig Malloy, and the release of their new Lifesize Cloud service.

We all know the shift from hardware to software is real and happening. But we were a little surprised that it is being led by industry upstarts and disruptors, rather than the old guard. The key participant in most cloud meetings is still the traditional meeting room system, so we are all waiting with baited breath for one of the leaders in room systems to put out a world class software solution. Lifesize Cloud just may be what we were waiting for. Please see my recent review here for the full scoop.

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