InfoComm Winner: Videxio – “Turnkey Cloud VC Platform”


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While many of today’s new cloud video services differentiate by features or price, Videxio’s cloud has elements that make it truly unique. Please see my in depth review here.  I was extremely pleased to see that a lot has happened since my last Videxio writeup. This platform is far more than a mere meeting room in the sky, and they continue to add features and capabilities, such as the new MyVidexio, an invitation, scheduling, management and reporting suite. To get a sense of how truly turnkey the Videxio platform has become for potential partners looking to white-label and get started, take a look at this quick overview of what is included.


While I had a lot to take in during my demo and chat with CEO Tom-Erik Lia, one thing that I particularly liked was the workflow for when a guest joins a meeting. The guest invite process does a good job of helping the guest join the meeting using their choice of connection, while hiding info pertinent to other users. I pick on this stuff because it matters. If a guest gets confused trying to join, your video meeting just turned into a less productive phone call. If a guest has a cool experience getting into the meeting, they become the next Videxio user. This certainly isn’t a “power feature” but it is a clear example of how the Videxio dev team gets it. Hopefully I will get a chance to take another look at Videxio soon and let you know more of what I liked.

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