InfoComm Winner: Vidyo – “Ahead of the Trends”


For a long time Vidyo was a software company in a hardware industry. The world just wasn’t ready for the power and flexibility of implementing a software based VC environment on generic hardware. As a result, Vidyo was forced to package their software in boxes and function according to the traditional hardware model. Well, the times have changed and the world is more than ready. This is great for Vidyo, but even better for early adopters of cutting edge visual collaboration solutions. Now that VC technology isn’t locked into meeting room hardware, it can be used for just about anything, and Vidyo’s version of VC technology is particularly well suited to lead the way due to its unrivaled internet resiliency and scalability.

Whether it is their new software based room system, contact center solution, or even a few uses not ready for public release (I really can’t wait to share these with you), Vidyo has gone far beyond the boardroom. But don’t think that they are just resting on their laurels, they are pushing forward as hard as ever. For example, their 4K VC demo certainly was impressive, and is another example of their technology being ready before we even have the hardware to support it (although 4k displays are getting cheaper and more available by the minute).

We hear a lot of talk about the “Internet of Everything” and that will involve a lot of heavy video traffic crossing the internet. Since Vidyo is the first name you think of when it comes to video traffic intelligently and efficiently moving through the internet, it certainly seems that they will continue be a big part of the picture.

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