InfoComm Winners: Tata Communications, Acano, and Synergy SKY – “Most Exciting Partnership”


Hello Tata Communications users. That’s right, I am talking to you. What’s that? You didn’t know you were a Tata Communications user? Well, that’s because they have been a massive force behind the scenes, working to keep your everyday services online and in operation. In fact, if you are reading this article, there is a good chance you are connecting through Tata Communications right now, as 20% of the world’s internet routes are directly connected to Tata Communications’ network. Imagine if this powerhouse was to partner with two of the hottest new tech companies in the field to create a new UC solution. That is exactly what Tata Communications has done with  jamvee™ – its next generation Unified Communications platform.  We got a quick briefing at the Tata Communications’ booth, and hope to bring you the full story in the near future.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you are more than aware of the Acano buzz. I am a huge fan of this service, which actually places workflow and usability on center stage. Sure, its underlying cloud has leading interop, but what excites me is the way they took that cloud and turned it into something to help users work more efficiently. Please see my original review of Acano to get the basics, and expect to hear more soon as I have recently resumed my testing of the solution. It has come a long way since I tested that early version and with the support of Tata Communications’ network and infrastructure it will make jamvee a powerhouse solution.

Synergy SKY is an even newer player in the field (yet another startup powered by former Tandberg talent). I will be reaching out to Synergy SKY very soon to get the full scoop on this new force, and the full details on their involvement in Tata’s Jamvee platform. My preliminary understanding, based on a briefing with Tolga Sakman (VP Americas) several months ago, is that the Synergy SKY platform can help provide the management, provisioning, scheduling, reporting, billing, and analytics that would be necessary for to support a solution such as Jamvee.

With Acano providing the interop and workflow, Synergy SKY providing the management end, and Tata Communications pulling it all together backed by its global network, jamvee is a serious contender from day one.

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