Inside GoTo’s Evolving Channel Strategy

GoTo’s Vice President of Partner Sales Gerald Byrne discusses the vendor’s revamped partner plans

Story by Tom Wright, UC Today

It’s been a busy first half of the year for GoTo, with the vendor rebranding from LogMeIn and consolidating their offering in to two products – GoTo Connect and GoTo Resolve – to focus on the collaboration and remote support markets, respectively.

UC Today sat down with GoTo’s Vice President of Partner Sales Gerald Byrne, to discuss how the recent changes will empower channel partners.

UC Today: Can you talk us through what’s changed at GoTo this year?

Byrne: It’s been a really terrific time for us as a company. Over the last 12 to 18 months, we’ve been trying to grow our company and develop the products we have with our partners in mind.

As part of that process, we’ve rebranded the company from LogMeIn to GoTo and then separated LastPass as an additional company to operate on its own.

On top of that, we have launched a new partner programme, and we are in the process of completing that structure. We’ve done this thinking about how we develop our products in line with what our partners are looking to do and growing our customer base for those partners.

The most important thing is that we continue to build brand recognition for GoTo so that when our partners go to market, their customers and our customers recognise who we are.

UC Today: GoTo is now placing a greater emphasis on its partner ecosystem – how can we expect to see your channel strategy evolve over the coming months?

Byrne: We have evolved from being a direct company. Over the last five years, we have moved our bookings from being direct-centric to being much more partner-centric.

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