Introducing the AVBot – Audio Visual Organization for #Slack


Story by Paul Richards, CRS

The AVBot is a “Slack Bot” meaning it is an application that runs inside of Slack for your team to interact with. In the example video above, you will see us managing various “ZoomRooms” with the AVBot. Essentially the AVBot is an easy to use, searchable database that organizes your audio visual equipment and resources in a way that is easily accessible and transparent throughout Slack.

For example, a user might want to view a list of all rooms that are available to the team. They would simply enter “/avbot list rooms” to display a report with the latest real time list of meeting spaces. Then to view the equipment/resources that are available in a given room users can enter “/avbot report [room name]”. This is ideal for users who want to book a room with a certain resource and for the support teams who need to manage user expectations.

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    Thanks for posting this David! Anyone in the AV industry using Slack should be able to use this free application. We have had everyone from small IT teams to interior designers who use Slack start to use the AVBot.

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