Introducing Pexip Private Cloud

Provides the missing rung between self-hosted and shared cloud video conference deployment options, delivering scalable and secure enterprise-grade infrastructure without the burden of day-to-day management
  • Beta customer trials show the new service can speed up time-to-deployment by a factor of 10X and reduce managed IT overheads by an estimated 60-80%
  • Addresses the growing needs of medium to large enterprises and particularly suited to sectors with stringent data control and privacy requirements

December 10th, 2020 – Pexip, a leading provider of enterprise video conferencing and collaboration solutions, today announced the launch of the Pexip Private Cloud, a new deployment option for its video conferencing platform.  The Pexip Private Cloud gives  customers the ease and scalability of a shared cloud with the control, security and privacy of a self-hosted solution, mission critical to industries with strict regulatory compliance including finance, healthcare and government services. This is a unique offering in the market and not available on any other cloud-based video conferencing solution.

“Talking to our customers and potential customers, we recognized a growing need for a solution that guarantees them control over their data without the headache and time suck of expanding and managing servers and compute capacity. The new Pexip Private Cloud option fills the void, allowing customers to focus on growth instead of infrastructure and compute management, and supporting them on their cloud migration journey. At the same time, it expands Pexip’s potential to target new customer segments and use cases,” said Odd Sverre Østlie, CEO Pexip.

The new Pexip Private Cloud offering builds on Pexip’s existing range of flexible deployment options including customer self-hosted (on premises or cloud) to a full SaaS solution. Pexip anticipates that Pexip Private Cloud has the potential to significantly reduce typical sales cycles versus more traditional on premise sales, as it eliminates a client’s requirement to procure, install, and operate their physical or virtual servers as well as manage capacity for scale.

“The launch of the Pexip Private Cloud comes at an ideal time to address a real market demand that Frost & Sullivan has been tracking. There has been a reluctance among large organizations to move to the cloud due to data privacy and control concerns. The new Pexip Private Cloud addresses that head-on. It will be interesting to monitor the effect this unique video conferencing solution has on accelerating cloud migrations,” said Rob Arnold, Senior Analyst, Frost & Sullivan.

The increased volumes of remote working continue to put a stress on clients’ traditional infrastructure, and stringent privacy and security requirements leave others feeling handcuffed to on-premise solutions. At the same time, customers are looking for the possibility to turn on expanded video conferencing services the same day, not weeks down the road. The Pexip Private Cloud bridges the on-premise/public cloud conundrum by allowing organizations to add capacity in a location or extend locations from the moment it is set up from the dashboard. The new deployment offering will help clients accelerate their cloud migration by offering the robust security level required by large organizations combined with the rapid configuration and smart scaling required to suit bespoke organizational requirements.

The Pexip Private Cloud will initially be hosted on the Google Cloud Platform, and extended to the Microsoft Azure Platform in 2021.

For more information, see the product page.


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