IVCi Explains How Implementing Video Conferencing in the Classroom Can Help Drive Enrollment and Attract Students


December 26, 2018, Hauppauge, NY – In order to help educators create an effective learning environment, video conferencing solutions company, IVCi, explains how implementing video conferencing in the classroom can help drive enrollment and attract students.

The educational landscape has changed significantly over the past couple of years, and technology has provided educators and students alike with the tools they need to create a better learning environment. Video conferencing can be incredibly effective in an educational context, with the ability to increase enrollment and attract motivated students.

Discussed below are a few of the reasons why video conferencing can be an effective way to fill out classes and serve as an effective tool for ongoing recruitment.

Self-Paced Learning. Now, more than ever before, institutes of higher learning are seeing enrollment with a student body consisting of people from all walks of life. Non-traditional students don’t always have a full day to fill with classes and institutes that offer options for distance learning are starting to become an attractive alternative to solely brick and mortar schools. Video conferencing enables students to connect from wherever they happen to be, as well as access recorded streams on-demand to learn and complete material on their own time.

By positioning themselves as an option with greater flexibility and a cohesive distance learning environment, schools can tap into an increasingly diverse field of applications.

Enhanced Curriculums. Video conferencing tools allow instructors to use technology to enhance the lecture for students in a physical classroom as well. With video platforms allowing educators to easily stream HD video and share their screens with students, it’s now possible to implement media in a way that makes learning more accessible and enjoyable. Video conferencing also allows lecturers to easily take advantage of the expertise of subject-matter experts directly on the classroom’s main screen, and even take students on a “virtual field trip” in a way that wouldn’t be possible without the latest in technology.

Students value an effective and engaging education, and by showing a commitment to the latest in collaboration technology, schools can build a reputation as an institute that pushes the bounds of traditional learning.

Effective Classroom Administration. Creating an effective educational environment extends beyond actual classroom meeting times. There is a significant amount of administration involved in running an institute of higher learning, ranging from training and collaboration among employees to providing support and guidance to students. Video conferencing allows educators not only to work together to provide a more cohesive learning environment but also to directly assist students without physically meeting. Professors can hold “virtual office hours,” and guidance professionals can conference with students to help plan out an effective educational path.

At its core, video conferencing is all about fostering effective communication, and by meeting students on their own terms, schools will see increased enrollment from recognition of their focus on student success.


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