Jabra Reveals Room Kit With Teams Rooms Integration

Jabra is facilitating “next-level” hybrid working experiences

Story by Ryan Smith, UC Today

Jabra has unveiled its PanaCast 50 Video Bar System as part of its portfolio for small to medium-sized meeting rooms.

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According to Jabra, the PanaCast 50 Video Bar System is an integrated solution which includes an Android-based compute unit, SOCs, speakers, microphones, and video camera, along with network and display interfaces for easy deployment.

It comes with a touch controller to manage the room experience and is designed to facilitate “next-level” hybrid meeting experiences.

Aurangzeb Khan, SVP for Intelligent Vision Systems at Jabra, commented: “We have an urgent need to improve collaboration in today’s hybrid working era.

“Our research found that meeting equity has a strong impact on an employee’s experience, well-being, and productivity levels.

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