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Career Tips: Notes to self when doing a job search

  1. Remember; when engaged in a job search, keep one master resume that you modify for every new opportunity.
  2. Build into your job search plan the fact that less than 10% of new jobs are found on the internet by sending in a resume; build networks! (If you need help with this, call we’ll help, no cost.)
  3. Almost 80% of all new jobs found are discovered through networking….building a new network and leveraging portions/parts of your existing network.
  4. Career minded people will spend 4-6 hours a week working on their long and short term career goals outside of their work for their employer.

Your Next Job

If you are currently engaged in a job search and are unsure of your resume, strategy, and or how to get started in your search, or career growth plan, just reach out and we can schedule some quality time to review your resume and your job search strategy and planning….. (of course it is at no cost and is confidential).  We have coached over 260 people in this space over the years

One last strategic suggestion to growing your career; work on it regularly. Just because you have a job does not mean you stop working on your next job; internal or external to your employer. Remember to under commit and over deliver, on everything.  Review where you are, how you got there and where do you want to be in 6 months, one year, two years and so on. Then sit down with your boss at least once a year (along with monthly and quarterly mini reviews) for a full blown status review relative to your own goals and targets. If you do not know where you are and where you are going, you will certainly get there. And when you get really tired of the same old, same old, hit the play button more frequently; and go play.

In the future; we will provide information on average salaries, how to ask for a raise, how to recruit and retain good people, and where the new opportunities for people and businesses may be found. If you have specific questions relative to careers in our industry, please feel free to send them and if the questions or your identity are to be kept confidential; just say so and it will be so.