K-12 schools need faster bandwidth to keep pace with digital learning


Story by Michelle Pluskota

It’s no secret that most K-12 schools in the United States have high-speed data networks that connect districtwide. In fact, some forward-thinking districts have advanced their connectivity to both state and federal educational systems. What all of these schools have in common is their ongoing need to increase network speed to keep up with digital learning.

In fact, on average, we see schools boosting their network bandwidth by about 40 percent every year. What’s driving this necessity for ever-faster bandwidth within our K-12 schools?

Administrators, staff, and teachers agree it’s being driven by the digital-learning capabilities that are changing the way education is delivered to our students. Higher bandwidth, they say, is essential if the schools are to harness these new capabilities that are necessary for the schools to remain competitive and for them to prepare their students to compete with others.

Key among these drivers of higher bandwidth are the following:

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