Kaptivo to Deliver Visual Live Whiteboard Sharing for BlueJeans Video Meetings


March 28, 2017, San Mateo, CA – Kaptivo Inc, the company that develops advanced collaboration products in the corporate and education industries, today announced it will be integrating its flagship product with video communications pioneer, Blue Jeans Network. Kaptivo is a new enterprise IoT device that transforms any standard dry-erase whiteboard into an online collaboration system. BlueJeans has become one of Kaptivo’s initial partners to further enhance meeting experiences.

“BlueJeans is dedicated to creating superior video meeting experiences so that employees, customers, and partners can easily collaborate from anywhere,” said Mark Strassman, Chief Product Officer at Blue Jeans Network. “Whiteboarding is an essential collaboration tool for meetings, but virtual whiteboards have failed to deliver for remote meeting attendees. Kaptivo makes it easy for BlueJeans meeting participants to collaborate using the physical whiteboard that’s already in all conference rooms, making any standard whiteboard a part of their digital meeting workflow.”

“We have built a world class IoT Device to meet the demanding nature of any enterprise. Integrating Kaptivo to provide a seamless user experience within the BlueJeans video communications environment will offer all the advantages of the standard product but in a much more streamlined and “instant on” fashion.” said Nic Lawrence, CEO and Co-Founder of Kaptivo. “BlueJeans users work in an accelerated digital and connected world. They understand the importance of the whiteboard as a key productivity tool and do not wish to change successful meeting habits. Kaptivo is a cost-effective solution that meets their needs and will enhance the BlueJeans experience.”

Key features of Kaptivo’s integration with the BlueJeans platform will include:
Easy Share:

  • Share the live whiteboard image through any BlueJeans video meeting, allowing all participants anywhere to review all whiteboard activity in real-time

Capture & Save:

  • Automatically capture an image archive of all whiteboard changes
  • Download and share the timeline of the whiteboard contents as a multi-page presentation. (Determines changes to the board multiple times per second to grab individual snapshots)


  • Meeting access approvals all through the Kaptivo interface
  • No media storage

Simple Installation and connectivity:

  • No software to install; intuitive interface
  • Works with the whiteboards and pens enterprises already own

Kaptivo works with any size of whiteboard or glass board up to 6′ x 4′ (1.8m x 1.2m). Installing Kaptivo above your whiteboard is as easy as hanging a picture frame and takes less than three minutes.

Kaptivo’s integration with the BlueJeans platform will be highlighted in booth 1201C at Enterprise Connect March 27-30 in Orlando, Florida. For more details, please visit http://www.kaptivo.com.

About Kaptivo:
Kaptivo is a connected micro-optical camera, housed in a stylish design that sits above any whiteboard. Kaptivo eliminates the need to take notes or pictures of the board. Kaptivo even provides the ability to “rewind” the whiteboard to a particular point in the meeting to see how an idea developed and share this timeline of content that is generated “intelligently” as a PDF document.

Kaptivo uses proprietary software and patented computer vision technology to automatically identify and extract only important content while capturing a crisp image archive of all board changes. This means that Kaptivo can eliminate people in front of the whiteboard and other defects, removing board background, reflections and shadows.

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