Kaptivo Introduces a New Product for Live Whiteboard Sharing in Corporate Environments: Kaptivo Enterprise

Kaptivo, the world leader in real-time whiteboard collaboration announces a new product specifically designed for security and network requirements of the Corporate enterprise. The product joins the original Kaptivo Office product, which will continue to be available for the SME & SOHO marketplaces.

August 01, 2017, San Mateo, CA – Kaptivo, the leader in advanced collaboration technology, today announced Kaptivo Enterprise, a new flagship product specifically designed to provide live whiteboard sharing within the corporate meeting rooms, breakout rooms, and huddle rooms found in today’s most dynamic corporate workspaces. The product joins the original Kaptivo Office product, which will continue to be available for the SME & SOHO marketplaces.

Kaptivo Enterprise will be available October 2017 at MSRP $699 plus an annual subscription service of $300. The product will be sold through AV VAR channels as a Power-Over-Ethernet (PoE) device and encompass a host of advanced enterprise level asset management features and the option of on-premise hosting. As part of the annual subscription services, there will also be increased functionality for remote meeting users and video conference attendees. Kaptivo Office introductory price period will end on Sept 1st 2017 reverting to its original MSRP of $499. This product will continue to use a Wi-Fi only connection and be sold through established on-line channels such as Amazon and Staples.

Kaptivo transforms any standard dry-erase whiteboard into an online collaboration tool. The device is a connected micro-optical camera and advanced processor housed in a stylish design that sits above any whiteboard. Whiteboards can be shared in seconds to anyone in the world via the browser-based Kaptivo client and are securely saved in the cloud with every change.

Kaptivo expands the visual communication of remote individuals who participate in online meetings more effectively than ever before.  Kaptivo was developed to help address the challenges faced with maintaining constructive collaboration with remote meeting participants especially during video conference calls.

“Enterprises are incorporating whiteboards in ever greater numbers into project rooms, training rooms or classrooms to allow individuals to brainstorm, communicate their thoughts and share ideas with others,” said Nic Lawrence, CEO and Co-Founder of Kaptivo. “With more and more attendees to meetings being remote there needs to be a way of sharing this information and ideation in real time with all meeting attendees. Although technology is prevalent throughout almost all work environments and modern classrooms, the dry-erase whiteboard is and will remain a key element in learning and collaboration workflows. Kaptivo Enterprise connects the whiteboard to the digital world in a manner that meets 21st century corporate requirements.”

Kaptivo Enterprise follows Kaptivo Office by using the same proprietary embedded software and patented computer vision technology to automatically identify and extract only important content while providing a crisp and clear image archive of all board changes. This means that Kaptivo eliminates people in front of the whiteboard and other visual distractions such as background shadows, reflections and old marker residue left on the board. Other key Kaptivo benefits include: eliminating the need to take notes or photos of the whiteboard; automatically capturing an intelligent archive of all board content changes; “rewinding” the whiteboard to a particular point in the meeting to see how an idea developed and sharing a timeline of content that is generated as a PDF document — all without any change to the whiteboarding workflow.

Kaptivo Enterprise key features include:

Easy Share

  • Share the live whiteboard image remotely to any web browser on any device
  • Screen-share in video conferences to all participants anywhere

Capture & Save

  • Automatically capture an image archive of all board changes
  • Download and share the whole meeting as a multi-page presentation
  • Enhanced tools for content management: search, translate, annotate and organize whiteboard content


  • Ethernet or wireless connectivity to network
  • All content served from the device itself; no content is ever stored in the cloud
  • No media storage required
  • SSL data encryption for all communication
  • On-premise hosting option available

Simple Installation

  • Works with any size of whiteboard or glass board up to 6′ x 4′
  • As easy as hanging a picture frame – no technical skills needed
  • Takes typically less than three minutes to set up
  • Custom length wiring available
  • Can be powered through PoE connection

About Light Blue Optics, Inc.
Light Blue Optics, Inc. is the company behind Kaptivo. The Company is at the forefront of developing leading-edge optical technology, image processing and embedded computer vision software to create products that solve real problems and are easy to use. The founders and their team of researchers/engineers have built their entire careers making products that enable people to collaborate, communicate and become more creative for the Enterprise and Educational markets. With offices in Silicon Valley, California and Cambridge, UK, the company designs, builds, and manages the manufacturing and fulfilment of Kaptivo’s that are in turn distributed on a global basis.

For more information please visit http://www.kaptivo.com.

For Media Inquiries: media(at)kaptivo(dot)com
For Sales Inquiries: partners(at)kaptivo(dot)com


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