KnowledgeVision Video-Enables Online Presentations for Users

KnowledgeVision’s SalesForce Connector to be unveiled in time for DreamForce 2014; makes it easy to create and send video-enhanced multimedia online presentations to sales contacts.

October 09, 2014, Lincoln, MA – KnowledgeVision, the leader in multimedia online presentation technology, has unveiled a tight integration with’s platform for sales professionals. With this new capability, SalesForce-equipped sales team members can now distribute multimedia presentations about their company’s products and services to their contacts, and see detailed information about exactly whether, how, and when those contacts watched those presentations.

“Presentations are still the most universal visual communications medium that sales professionals use all over the world,” observed KnowledgeVision CEO Michael Kolowich. “Now, it’s easy to add video or audio commentary to those otherwise dull presentation slides, send them to SalesForce contacts, and track them when they’re watched. Our new SalesForce Connector makes that whole process a snap.”

“We know that sales teams spend a huge part of their day inside SalesForce,” Kolowich acknowledged. “With KnowledgeVision’s SalesForce Connector, they can share and track presentations without leaving the SalesForce desktop.”

The new solution works especially well with KnowledgeVision’s Knovio Mobile app for the Apple iPad, as well as with its browser-based counterpart, Knovio Web. These products enable sales team members to make and customize rich multimedia sales presentations and deploy them in minutes to their SalesForce content libraries.

The announcement comes on the eve of the DreamForce conference in San Francisco next week, where KnowledgeVision will join other providers of cutting-edge software for sales organizations. KnowledgeVision will also be announcing a collaboration with the SAVO group for new sales enablement applications in conjunction with the DreamForce conference.

View a 3-minute walk through of KnowledgeVision’s SalesForce Connector at

About KnowledgeVision
KnowledgeVision Systems is reinventing the business presentation for an online, on-demand, video-enabled, mobile, anytime/anywhere world. A venture-capital backed company based near Boston, KnowledgeVision offers a Software-as-a-Service solution that makes it easy to create, share, and track online presentations.

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KnowledgeVision Systems
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