Launch of MyVidexio Puts the Videoconferencing User in the Driver Seat

The MyVidexio Portal Greatly Enhances the User Experience and Provides Administrators with Improved Control

October 28, 2014, Oslo, Norway – Videxio, a leading cloud video service provider, today announced the commercial launch of MyVidexio, a new way for users to manage their video conferencing experience. Videxio believes that the user experience remains the biggest challenge standing in the way of mass adoption of business quality video collaboration. With the MyVidexio portal, individual users and administrators will gain complete control of their videoconferencing experience with video scheduling and call management tools, as well as easily accessible usage data.

The rapidly growing customer demand for videoconferencing-as-a-service (VCaaS) is a result of the flexible subscription models, interoperability and low investment risk. In addition, users want solutions that let them be mobile and access videoconferencing where they need it, when they need it. MyVidexio speaks directly to these needs.

“The explosive growth of mobile devices that can be video enabled has spurred a dramatic shift in consumption models, with users demanding the possibility to use high quality videoconferencing from the device and location of their choice,” commented Roopam Jain, Industry Director – Enterprise Communications & Collaboration of Frost & Sullivan. “This has led to a broad adoption of cloud video services. The key to sustaining this increased usage and adoption is the user experience. MyVidexio will have an important role to play in letting users gain more control and influence over their personal video experience.”

MyVidexio boasts a range of features targeted at both individual users and company administrators. With MyVidexio, individual users can schedule video meetings directly in Microsoft Outlook, join meetings from the location and device of their choice, and invite and add participants to the meeting, with just a few simple steps. In addition, the MyMeeting app, downloadable via MyVidexio, will allow smartphone users to easily connect, invite and schedule participants in a combined video and audio meeting.

With the new portal, administrators have the possibility to manage subscriptions from a central source, carry out remote diagnostics and get detailed usage information. A full range of metrics lets administrators scale and distribute subscriptions as required for their organization.

“For many organizations, the idea of ease-of-use remains a concern when it comes to video conferencing, as low utilization equates to low return on investment,” said Renna McDonagh of Foster + Partners architects. “Videxio is helping deliver that all-important end user experience, and MyVidexio will help ensure a quality and efficient experience for Foster + Partners’ video users, many of whom are using multiple devices to conduct video calls from disparate locations.” With MyVidexio, videoconferencing has never been easier. The portal is available to all subscribers of cloud video powered by Videxio.

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