LDV Celebrates Our 3rd Anniversary!


On July 1st, 2014, Let’s Do Video went live with our first series of articles covering that year’s InfoComm show in Las Vegas. Since that time, we have created and published hundreds of pieces of original content, while sharing thousands of relevant news items from around the web. Meanwhile our readership, newsletter subscribers, and social media followers have continued to grow. In the last year we’ve expanded our coverage with our first visit to the American Telemedicine Association Conference, and added a few new programs, such as our list of free trials and freemium services, and our recently created (and soon to be improved) jobs board. We look forward to increasing and improving our coverage in year four with new guest contributors and more new programs.

To celebrate this anniversary, we want to quickly thank our sponsors and partners and to take a quick look back at some of our favorite pieces over the last year. In no particular order, here are five articles and videos that we really enjoyed creating and sharing with you.

LDV Podcast #27: What Do Users Really Need? Recapping the Readers’ Choice Awards

We had a great response to our 2016 Readers’ Choice Awards program. We recieved thousands of nominations and votes for the top vendors, products, and services covering 10 collaboration industry categories. In this podcast, I review the top five for each category and share my thoughts. It’s very interesting to look back just six months later and see how things have changed in the market since then.

Microsoft Teams is Our Likely Future, Whether We Want It Or Not

Microsoft Lync, and now Skype for Business, held and hold a dominant market share of the UC space despite the fact that no one seemed to love either product. Skype for Business isn’t bad, but it wouldn’t be winning if it wasn’t for the Microsoft effect. Simply including a product within Office 365 can be enough to make that product a market leader. With persistent team messaging being the future of UC, will Microsoft Teams soon dominate that space as well? It is a strong possibility, so in this article I share my thoughts about what we should expect.

LDV Podcast #30: Getting Things Scrummed: A Custom Team Productivity Workflow

As today’s video and remote collaboration tools become more and more reliable and user friendly, we become less interested in how they work, and more interested in how people are using them. Today’s working teams aren’t just showing up for work, they are following advanced workflow methodologies to manage their tasks and project progression. In this podcast, I share my team’s custom workflow and how we manage our daily video status meeting.

Videoconferencing: Why Some New Users Still Aren’t Getting It

Vendors, integrators, and users all report greater acceptance for, and demand of, video in the workplace. To be fair, there are downsides for everything, and videoconferencing is no exception. However, I was surprised in this day and age to hear that some users still feel that the phone meetings are more productive than video meetings. Obviously, I strongly disagree. While the downsides to videoconferencing should be acknowledged and hopefully addressed, it is still a superior and more natural human meeting experience. In this piece, I share some anti-video sentiments and offer my responses.

Telepresence and Cloud Trends
Is Cloud Video Really Killing Telepresence?

The big picture shift from hardware infrastructure to cloud software services is fairly obvious to anyone following our industry. However, there are some interesting nuances if you compare Google trends over time for our common market terms. While Google trends should certainly be taken with a grain of salt, they do give us something to think about. In this article, I share my thoughts around some of our market trends.

Of course, none of this would be possible without our readers and viewers. Thank you all for tuning in, and for giving us incredible feedback in the comments, on Twitter, and through email. We love to hear from you and we want to keep adding new features and programs to keep you informed. If there is anything you would like to see more of, something you would like us to start covering, or a new feature you would like to see us implement, please let us know in the comments below. We appreciate you taking the time to visit our site and we thank you all for being part of the LDV family!


About Author

David Maldow is the Founder & CEO of Let's Do Video and has been covering the visual collaboration industry, and related technologies, for over a decade. His background includes 5 years at Wainhouse Research, where he managed the Video Test Lab and evaluated many of the leading solutions at the time. David has authored hundreds of articles and thought pieces both at Telepresence Options, where he was managing partner for several years, as well as here at Let's Do Video. David often speaks at industry events and webinars as well as hosting the LDV Video Podcast.


  1. williams.tps@gmail.com'

    Very good work, David! I found your site at the end of 2016, and it’s been such a valuable resource. I check your site’s feed every day.

    My only request is that you always link to anything relevant that David Danto posts on his various blogs/outlets. His wisdom is priceless–but I find your website and its posts easier to track.

  2. michael@vdo360.com'

    David, Happy Anniversary. Can’t believe it’s been three years already. Very good newsletter. Great to see the video on Microsoft Teams and project management. Keep up the great work.
    Michael Baker

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