LDV Company Overview: Blue Jeans Network



At Blue Jeans Network, we aim to bring great minds together to meet, share ideas and reach their audience through the power of video collaboration. By making video communication easy, secure and scalable, our customers can make online conversations, meetings and events personal again.  Blue Jeans’ cloud-based platform has taken video into the mainstream, giving business and thought leaders the power to interact face-to-face with anyone, anywhere.

Blue Jeans was the first company to introduce widespread device and service interoperability to video conferencing in 2011.  Since, we have continued to lead through innovation, introducing new products and features that eliminate the silos between video, audio and web conferencing, giving you a single, converged conferencing platform.  Blue Jeans offers both a meetings service (Blue Jeans) and an interactive video events service (Blue Jeans Primetime).

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