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MNS.VC (AKA Media Network Services) is a global provider of value added network services and cloud applications for Visual Collaboration (VC). Products and services include QoS.VC, REC.VC, and IVR.VC.

Media Network Services AS (MNS.VC) was founded in 2007 and is a privately held company registered and headquarted in Oslo, Norway. MNS.VC develops and provides a number of value-added cloud applications for Visual Collaboration (.VC).

MNS.VC has a top-caliber team that has developed a fundamentally new approach to network and infrastructure operations for the video conferencing industry.

Provided as a global cloud service, QoS.VC makes it easy and affordable for any video conferencing user to call over Internet with a more predictable quality. QoS.VC works with standards-based video conferencing endpoints, clients and virtual meeting rooms from top vendors such as Acano, Cisco, LifeSize, Pexip and Polycom. QoS.VC nodes are deployed across the world with high capacity dedicated network between them and with QoS.VC optimized local and regional Internet. QoS.VC routing algorithms ensure that any video call to/from your location is routed as efficiently as possible, keeping latency low and minimizing packet loss.

Developers can integrate QoS.VC in their video conferencing endpoints, clients or MCUs and give their customers the option to easily upgrade to QoS.VC quality. QoS.VC also provides an opportunity for vendors and channel partners to get recurring revenue long after the equipment or software have been shipped to customers. Service Providers and Resellers can white label QoS.VC and resell the cloud service under their own brand and video domain. QoS.VC is a great way to differentiate on quality compared to competing services delivered simply over best effort Internet.

A video call or meeting with multiple participants in a Virtual Meeting Room can be recorded simply by adding REC.VC as a participant, either by calling to or from REC.VC. REC.VC will appear as a passive participant with only a blinking red dot communicating that the call is being recorded. REC.VC users can easily start and stop recordings from their REC.VC account, as well as monitor key stats such as bandwidth and any potential packet loss while recording. REC.VC users can securely and easily search, playback, download and share their own recorded video calls and meetings from their REC.VC account. A group of users within an organization that have opted for shared access have full access to all recordings conducted by users in the group.

REC.VC is deployed across the world to ensure close proximity to users’ locations, rapid playback/download, and regional storage. It is provided as a QoS.VC cloud service to ensure the best possible recording quality regardless of user location, and uses dedicated data centers with 24/7 monitoring for high availability and security. REC.VC nodes for on-premise recording and storage are also available upon request.

Provided as a global cloud service, IVR.VC can scale to meet your regional or global demand for a video IVR for your customers or users. The operation of the IVR.VC service is controlled using a pre-configured script. The script consists of a set of IVR.VC menus within the context of which the collected DTMF digits are to be interpreted. Each menu is provisioned with a media file, which will be played back as an announcement upon entering the menu.

IVR.VC nodes are deployed across the world to ensure close proximity to the location of your users and quick response time when making IVR selections. IVR.VC is provided as a QoS.VC cloud service to ensure the best possible video IVR experience for any user.


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