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As our industry has evolved from the time when a codec required an engineer to just keep it running, to the ubiquitous video applications of today, we at VDO360 have been the engine that makes those solutions work.

At the time we started VDO360, we had the great idea of trying be be an all-around supplier of everything VTC. While an admirable goal, and one that someday we may hit, we decided that it was more important to find that key piece of equipment that will change the way we collaborate. That key piece – at least in our experience – is the computer. We have developed the best in class camera to capture the video, Worked with Intel on the best in class computer, found the best in class microphone to capture the audio and put together a great package to maximize value.

We could take up your time here with pithy statements about how great we are, wonderful pictures of us at work and play, or just some bold typeface telling you to buy our product, but that’s not who we are or will ever be.

For the owners, this has been what they have lived and breathed for nearly the last twenty years. Kind of a sad thing for them, but good for our customers!


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