LDV Offering Overview: Cisco Huddle to Boardroom


Solution Overview

Find the room system for your meeting needs.

Collaboration tools for any space, large or small, need to be easy, intuitive, and accessible or they won’t be adopted. Cisco huddle solutions are easy to use, with a green button for one-button-to-push rapid starts to meetings. This experience is consistent across the portfolio of solutions for small, medium and large rooms, and across Cisco Webex apps, so that team members know just how to start a meeting in any physical or virtual space.

At the same time, the portfolio has the security, easy management and advanced analytics for large deployments. The native analytics delivered across, the portfolio help an organization’s real estate teams to answer space optimization questions like: Do I need more spaces on the 3rd floor? Are the spaces the right size? How are teams using the technology in these spaces?

The advantages of being part of a broader Cisco portfolio don’t stop there. All Cisco meeting devices work within Cisco’s powerful collaboration platform that includes calling, meetings, and team tools, with apps and devices. This platform also interoperates with third-party tools, like productivity suites from Google and Microsoft, to make team workstreams effortless and to protect your existing investments.

Cisco Webex Board

  • A new team collaboration device, Cisco Webex Board combines wireless presentation, digital whiteboarding, and high-quality audio and video conferencing in one easy-to-use device.


Cisco Webex Room Systems

  • Bring more intelligence and usability into meeting rooms. New capabilities facilitate even smarter meetings and smarter room and device integrations, removing barriers to using video.


Cisco Webex Share

  • This pocket-sized device turns any monitor into a wireless presentation screen. Just plug, share, and huddle anywhere.


MX Series endpoints

  • Turn any conference room into a video conferencing hub. Connect teams, customers, and partners face to face. Model options give you the flexibility to deploy and scale in a way that meets your needs.



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