LDV Offering: VDO360 CompassX


Solution Overview

We are proud to present the new standard in USB PTZ HD cameras. The CompassX! Others may try to emulate our camera in form, others in features, and even others may try to develop cameras with USB 3.0 with our features, but we at VDO360 are not listening to our internal group of engineers or salespeople, we are listening to our Research and Development team- our customers. You are the folks who use this equipment every day and in so many different situations.
New features include:

  • Camera Preset Positioning
  • RS-232 Control
  • UVC Over USB Control
  • Dual IR receivers: one in base and one in lens assembly
  • Accu Pan And Tilt
  • Extreme Performance Camera Block
  • Belt drive for ultra smooth, quiet motion in all directions

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