LDV Throwback Thursday: NES


For this edition of LDV’s Throwback Thursday, our executive team got together for a friendly match of Mario Bros. 3 (you know, the cool one where Mario has a raccoon tail). Sure, we could play the game online or download it to a modern gaming console, but in true Throwback Thursday fashion, this happened:


Yes, these are legit consoles that are now relics of the past, and after blowing the dust out of some of those game cartridges, they worked good as new. The biggest takeaway here is the evolution of gaming technology. First of all, I’d like to talk about the wire situation. The ratio of wires to console/controllers is worth mentioning here because it’s just, well…crazy. Over the decades, gaming technology has done away with so much clutter and truly simplified the process. Now that I have complained about the wire situation, after spending some extra time fumbling around, the NES console was connected successfully (and looked ever so nostalgically cool on HDTV) .

Off to the Mushroom Kingdom we go. Game on, like Donkey Kong!


Ok so, my pre-existing condition of “Nintendo Thumb” may have flared up on me, but it was all in good fun with our CMO, Chrissy Gray, as she managed to perfectly match the mushroom in the “Spade Game” on her first try in probably 15+ years (how did she do that, anyway?)


So, what else has changed over the decades in the world of gaming? Even though the Princess is still in another castle, the rest of the world has moved on to greater things such as having the ability to play games with people halfway across the world using videoconferencing solutions. Here at LDV, we are fascinated with the growing trends and overlapĀ between videoconferencing and video gaming. For instance, check out what our friends at Vidyo did in their collaboration with WiiU!

Video games can include multi-player settings and can be done online or using controllers that are now wireless (erm, see my wire ranting above). Or maybe others still choose to take on the “Beat Super Mario in Record Time” challenge and stream it live over the internet, while viewers can cheer and chat from anywhere, anytime. All of these advancements sure make things like the Contra cheat codes pale in comparison.

Stay tuned for the next installment of the LDV Throwback Thursday. We encourage our readers to submit ideas online and tag us with #LDVTBT

Oh, and for you modern folk, please be sure to follow our video game exploits on our Twitch TV channel.


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