LDV Throwback Thursday: Party Lines!


We are getting to the point where we take group video meetings for granted. People in 5 locations need to meet up? No problem, we can jump into my VMR or yours. But it wasn’t always so easy.

By the 1990s conference calls were available for business, but a novelty for most people. In fact it was such a novelty that people paid per minute to talk to groups of strangers on the phone with party line services. And video wasn’t even an option.

Today we are seeing a much more exciting and fun version of party lines with things like public Google Hangouts. People are starting up video meetings to discuss various topics, and letting anyone join. It’s the 2015 version of the Party Line, but on video and without any costs.

Have you participated in a public Google Hangout or social group video chat with friends? Let us know how it went in the comments below.


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