LDV Throwback Thursday: You’ve Got Mail


In this edition of Throwback Thursday, we pay homage to the one and only, AOL Chat Room. I can recall getting the CD-ROMs in the mail with 20 free hours of AOL and being so excited at being told that I had mail! Clearly, excited to see what my friends were up to in the Chat Rooms. At this time, the concept of having video chat was unheard of (and over dial-up? no thanks!) And somehow, there was a time when this was “music” to my ears…

This technology paved the way for all of the advancements that our industry has made in video collaboration. Not only can we group chat, we can do it in real-time with people all over the globe AND we get to see them over video. This concept has not only enhanced the productivity in the workplace, but has even brought families together and opened doors for successful, innovative business ideas.

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Ana Perez is the Chief Operating Officer (COO), digital solutions guru, and founding member of LDV. Her background in web development, branding and cybersecurity has fueled her passion to continue diving deeper into all aspects of technology. When she's not busy breaking records in the sport of Powerlifting, Ana loves to stay in tune with the latest trends on productivity, remote collaboration methodologies, and all things virtual.

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