Let’s Do Video Celebrates National Business Women’s Day

While the visual collaboration industry continues to be as male dominated as the rest of the tech community, there is still plenty of reason to celebrate. Our numbers may still be relatively small (especially at the executive level), but our impact is undeniable.
Here at Let’s Do Video, women make up the majority of our Executive Board. We have the pleasure of working with fellow women in collaboration on a regular basis, as more and more women have been earning higher positions in the analyst and media relations departments of the vendors we cover. The respect and admiration that many of these women have developed throughout the industry goes beyond gender. There is a strong list of women in VC that are known for their stellar work, and are an inspiration and model for new women in the industry. They have shown us that its no longer about being a good “woman in business,” but just about being “good in business”. In other words, their work speaks for itself.
That being said, we still have a long way to go, and as a woman in this industry it is great to know that I have a community of fellow woman professionals to share experiences and support. So, today let’s celebrate the respect and success we have earned in this industry and look forward to making even greater strides in the years to come.

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Ana Perez is the Chief Operating Officer (COO), digital solutions guru, and founding member of LDV. Her background in web development, branding and cybersecurity has fueled her passion to continue diving deeper into all aspects of technology. When she's not busy breaking records in the sport of Powerlifting, Ana loves to stay in tune with the latest trends on productivity, remote collaboration methodologies, and all things virtual.

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