LiveDeposition Releases Product Updates for Remote Litigation Software

LiveDeposition releases updates to RemoteRealtime™, their web-based litigation event solution.

May 31, 2016, Los Angeles, CA – LiveDeposition, the legal industry’s leading provider of local and cloud-based realtime streaming, digital exhibit and video conferencing software, announced the release of a significant update to their remote litigation event solution, RemoteRealtime™.

RemoteRealtime™, LiveDeposition’s flagship product, provides attorneys and other litigation professionals with an easy to use solution for attending live litigation events such as depositions, trials, hearings, mediations, and arbitrations, from anywhere in the world. From within the robust, all-in-one platform, attorneys can utilize video conferencing tools, participate in non-discoverable group chat, review a live stream of the realtime transcript, or electronically present, collaborate, and submit official exhibit documents.

This latest round of updates provides across the board enhancements to the product. Philip Bell, Manager of Technical Support and Training at LiveDeposition, stated “Our RemoteRealtime™ product is more powerful than ever. Not only does this update include improved formatting and viewing capabilities for realtime text, there have also been a number of enhancements made to our newest feature, Electronic Exhibits. As more and more attorneys catch on to the benefits of digitally displaying exhibit documentation to their clients or other parties that are located remotely in other states or even other countries, they will greatly appreciate some of the newer tools we have made available in this update. What I am excited most about with this update are all the controls users now have from their mobile devices.”

Update details are as follows:

Overall RemoteRealtime™ and Electronic Exhibits Product Update:

  • New simplified email invitations for attendees.
  • Refreshed and revamped realtime transcript.
  • Removal of live line/buffer line. This line which was once shown below the realtime transcript has now been seamlessly integrated into the transcript, providing an overall appearance that is sharper and more readable.
  • Added ability to rename shared exhibit files
  • Added ability to rotate digital files
  • Added ability to download exhibits from within the online platform
  • Improved time and time zone handling

StenoDirectPlus Plugin – Version 6.4.12

The StenoDirectPlus Plugin acts as a bridge between a court reporter’s CAT software and LiveDeposition’s products. Version 6.4.12 includes:

  • Major improvements to the Bridge Refresh capabilities. More refresh macros are now being supported and other formatting issues such as accents have been addressed.

LiveDeposition Mobile App – Version 6.5.23
The LiveDeposition Mobile App provides remote litigation event attendees with a way to participate in legal proceedings from their iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire, and Android enabled smartphones and tablets. Version 6.5.23 includes:

  • Refreshed and revamped realtime transcript component.
  • Faster navigation through the transcript by dragging the vertical scrollbar.
  • New option to turn off time/page indexing and view just the transcript.
  • Highlights from saved depositions can now be added/removed/saved.
  • Added ability to share, stamp and submit exhibits from mobile devices.
  • Added capability to conduct private, non-discoverable group chat
  • Realtime highlight report enhanced to produce smarter results when generating data from consecutive lines.

Litigation professionals planning on using LiveDeposition from their iPad, Android or Kindle Fire enabled smartphone or tablet, or court reporters supplying these devices to their clients, can download the new version of the updated apps for free directly from iTunes, Google Play, or from the LiveDeposition website –

Court reporters and court reporting agencies looking to update to the latest version of StenoDirectPlus can do so by clicking on “Help” from within the StenoDirectPlus software and then clicking on “Update StenoDirectPlus”, or by contacting LiveDeposition’s support department at support(at)livedeposition(dot)com or by calling 888.337.6411, extension 1.

For more information on LiveDeposition’s RemoteRealtime™ and Electronic Exhibit solutions you can visit their website at LiveDeposition or call (888) 337-6411.


Headquartered in Encino, CA, LiveDeposition is powered by, a long-time resident of the video and web conferencing industry. As the only all-in-one universal litigation event solution on the market, LiveDeposition provides the Legal Industry with local and cloud-based remote deposition, trial, mediation, and arbitration solutions, as well as electronic exhibits, web-based video conferencing and toll-free conferencing services. Being exempt from typical download and installation requirements, LiveDeposition works on all internet browsers, connects to all CAT software and litigation realtime viewers as well as offers mobile apps for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire users, making its state-of-the-art solutions easily accessible via PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads, as well as all Android enabled tablets and smartphones.


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