Logitech Encourages Its 3,500 Employees to Work From Home


October 9, 2017, Newark, CA – Today commences a weeklong celebration of flexible working for Logitech. The company is celebrating National Work from Home Week, and on Wednesday, Oct. 11, Logitech President and CEO Bracken Darrell is encouraging employees worldwide to work from home, unless their role specifically requires them to be physically located in the office.

Logitech believes in flexibility in the workplace and views this week as an opportunity to demonstrate that employees can be successful and productive regardless of location. In addition, Logitech is teaming with companies such as ASPCA, Zoom, BlueJeans, Fuze, Samaschool and Upwork to spread awareness of the benefits of working from home. Logitech finds that working from home offers a win-win-win proposition for employees, companies and the environment.

According to Darrell, “Logitech is a global company, and we’ve collaborated with each other in offices around the world for decades. Our employees use video conferencing every single day in all of our meetings. So it’s built into our culture that it doesn’t matter where you work; it matters how you work. And I think many, certainly not all, companies are catching onto this.”

Scott Wharton, vice president of general manager for Logitech Video Collaboration, added, “Workplace collaboration is no longer bound by four walls thanks to today’s mobile and cloud-based technologies. Logitech provides tools that facilitate creativity and productivity for workers whether they’re in the office, at home or on the go. This week, we have a unique opportunity to showcase how collaboration can thrive even when we’re working remotely.”

Logitech is featuring a social media sweepstakes this week, encouraging people to share posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #WFHWeek for a chance to win some of Logitech’s productivity enhancing tools. You can learn more about ithere. You can also find a list of tips for making WFH successful in this article by Wharton.

Companies interested in helping Logitech to celebrate National #WFHWeek should fill out this form.


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