Logitech May Take Its Video Conferencing Business Mobile


Story by Daniel Golightly, Android Headlines

Logitech is now envisioning a future where business meetings and video conference calls can be conducted through mobile devices without having to squeeze participants shoulder to shoulder to fit everybody in. That’s according to the company’s Director of Product Strategy, Simon Dudley, who says Logitech could feasibly release a series of webcams or accessories within the next few years with the goal of making video conference more efficient over mobile platforms. Dudley goes on to say that the biggest driving factor in that is the rapidly improving processing power and the growing inclusion of USB Type-C ports in modern mobile devices. The camera technology Dudley is referring to would be similar to Logitech’s upcoming MeetUp technologies. For the unfamiliar, MeetUp features wide-angle cameras and dedicated mic and speaker systems that allow for a smaller space to be used when conducting a video conference.

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