Looking to Drive Collaboration? Look Beyond the Tech


Story by Melanie Turek

The problem is that technology can’t change human nature. Or, generally speaking, corporate culture.

I’m at the Unify Analyst Summit this week, getting a preview of the soon-to-be-released “Project Ansible.” The details–including the product’s new name–are under NDA until next week, at which time I’m sure you’ll see plenty of posts outlining the specifics; suffice it to say that the software delivers a complete suite of UCC capabilities. I expect to see more features and design tweaks in the coming months and years that will make it the truly unifying platform it promises to be.

But it doesn’t address the key question about enterprise collaboration, one that many analysts, consultants and vendors are struggling to answer: How do we get people to actually use these applications and services to better work together and improve business outcomes?

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