Magor Announces $718,000 of Additional Orders from the RCMP

Magor Announces $718,000 of Additional Orders from the RCMP

April 12, 2016, Ottawa, ONT – Magor Corporation (TSX-V:MCC), a technology leader in visual collaboration solutions, today announced that the RCMP has placed several orders with Magor to continue their expansion of the Aerus software solution within the organization. These orders combine for an aggregate amount of $718,000 and are comprised primarily of hardware and software services of which approximately $600,000 will be recognized as revenues in the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2016 with the remaining revenue recognized over the next fiscal year. To date, the RCMP has deployed in excess of 200 Magor systems nationally.

As an early recipient of the BICP award (Build in Canada Innovation Program) to foster Canadian technology into the Canadian Government, Magor and the RCMP have worked closely together to address RCMP needs for Video and Collaboration. Since that introduction, the RCMP has continued to expand the scope and usage of Magor’s software.

“We view our long standing relationship with the RCMP and their continued support as a testament to the longevity and strength of our software solutions.,” said Mike Pascoe, President and CEO of Magor Corporation. “We look forward to expanding the reach of our video collaboration software to other organizations that can benefit from what it has to offer.”

About Magor Corporation:

Magor develops and markets visual collaboration software for a world that increasingly rewards those who can bring together the right people and information at the right time. Magor’s Aerus service delivery platform removes the limitations of traditional video conferencing and collaboration tools to provide entirely new ways of interacting with video with the goal of creating new ways to be productive. To find out more about Magor Corporation (TSX-V: MCC), visit our website at

For further information, please contact:

Mike Pascoe
President and CEO
Magor Corporation
613-686-1731 ext 5510


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