Making Live Stream Video Work for Your Company


Tech is everything. The age of relying on manpower is fading fast, and companies are learning to adapt to these inevitable changes by integrating systems and tools to keep them connected. This includes being available quickly and efficiently. In the age of technology, time is more than money; it’s everything.

Years ago, many predicted that video would be the new best way to connect and keep consumers informed, but little did people know that meant live streaming. People watch live streams now like they watched the news back then! You don’t need super fancy equipment or expert video skills. People want to see that you value their time by cutting into your time by showing up for them.

The most popular platforms for this type of marketing are Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Periscope.

Keeping this in mind, here are a few ways a business can integrate live stream video successfully.

When to Live Stream?

You cannot afford to say that your company does not need to utilize features like a live stream to succeed. You also cannot say anymore that there is nothing for you to live stream about. Here are just some of the many different ways you can integrate this marketing strategy into your business.

Trainings and online courses are a great way to spike engagement and get people to ask the right questions. This type of marketing strategy is a form of service to your consumers, and if you offer it for free on your social media platforms, you will see that people respond to that notion of service before sales. Use this as an opportunity to have the audience get to know your brand and what you stand for and, at the same time, teach them something valuable.

Q&As are one of the most common uses of live streaming on all platforms. “The level of connection the audience feels in this interaction is valuable to what you are trying to accomplish. When people feel heard, they are more likely to consume, so answer their questions — even the silly ones” says Michael Ivy, a marketer at Writinity and Researchpapersuk.

Product Launches can be intimidating, but this 1:1 like feeling makes the release feel more like a personal invitation rather than a mass newsletter being sent off into cyberspace. Here you can thank people as they join and get excited about whatever it is you are sharing. You can see reactions as they happen in real-time, which hopefully can take the edge off for both you and your customers.

Make it Successful

Consistency is key, as they say. Show up for your audience when you say you are going to. If you want them to recognize what you are trying to do, you have to show up and tell them about it. If you are consistent with your delivery, they will come to expect it.

Interaction with the audience is vital. Don’t be afraid to call people by name and read comments aloud as you go. If people feel like they have a chance at being heard, they will speak. If you simply skim through comments as you truck through your script, you are missing the point of this platform completely. Even if you save it until the end, make sure this is a priority.

Practice is still precious until you get the hang of live streaming. Before you go live the first few times, take a minute or two to set up the camera on record and cover your significant points. “This will give you a chance to test volume, lighting, and content delivery without losing the respect or attention of your audience. Any good thing worth doing is worth taking time to practice”, explains Kristopher Torres, a business blogger at Draft Beyond and Last minute writing.

Have an outline to follow to guarantee you satisfy the goal that your marketing strategy hopes to achieve. What you may find yourself doing without an outline or script is getting so excited by one specific topic or one thread of comments that you miss key points that you were trying to deliver in your content. Bullet points are a live saver!

Now, start putting these ideas and practices into action and see what kind of change you can make when it comes to a connection-based marketing strategy.


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