Mandhu College Uses TrueConf Server for Distance Education in the Maldives

Malé High Private Limited – a certified TrueConf partner in the Maldives – has implemented TrueConf Server video conferencing solution in Mandhu College. The new system has made distance learning possible for over 600 students across the Maldive Archipelago, removing the need for them to attend the college in person.

October 22, 2015, Moscow – Established in 1998, Mandhu College is a private college with university partnerships in seven countries. The college offers 26 different study programs to students in the Maldives, from short term courses to internationally recognized diplomas, and is growing rapidly.

The Maldives is an archipelago of 1,192 islands dispersed across a 34,749 square mile territory. Great distances between the islands makes transportation within the country complicated. Maldivian students would have to spend hours making their way to a single educational institution and full-time tertiary education is not widely available. Mandhu College have taken an innovative approach to this challenge and created a specialized ‘Virtual Campus’ to facilitate distance learning.

Mandhu College’s Virtual Campus required a number of specific features in a video conferencing solution. The solution had to be very stable, have the features to teach classes in video conference mode using collaboration tools, and be easily scalable. After exploring the market for video conferencing products providing distance learning, college IT experts decided on TrueConf Server.

Every day more than 50 teachers give distance classes in video conference mode from two cities – Malé and Laamu Gan. The most widely used conference types are symmetric 25-to-25 participant conferences, asymmetric conferences with one host, and role-based conferences (1 host and 20 participants). In order to improve the learning process, collaboration tools are used during online lectures: slide shows, screen sharing and a whiteboard. Lectures are recorded so that students have the opportunity to revise the lesson material when the classes are over.

Badruddeen Naseem, Head of IT at Mandhu College says: “TrueConf implementation saves us time on troubleshooting and gives us more time to teach. TrueConf is a reliable video conferencing solution which we do not hesitate to recommend. We advise TrueConf to be used due to its reliability and as it suits all our requirements to deliver our courses online. Currently, we have 600 users connected to TrueConf video conferencing system.”


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