Maximizing Musical Collaboration Through Video Conferencing


Story by Hypebot

When it comes to enjoying music, there are more listening options than ever before. Whether you prefer the old school record or something more contemporary like MP3s or a streaming service, the fact is, music is so easily accessible that it’s just about impossible to imagine a time when you actually had to attend a live performance to hear delightful melodies. Yet in the not-so-distant past, that was the case.

So, though listening to music has changed drastically over the past century, what about creating music? While there have definitely been developments in instrument technology, music creation has remained largely the same; you grab your instrument, get together with your fellow musicians, if not working solo, and start jamming and brainstorming song ideas. But is there a way to create music and collaborate with other musicians without the need to be in a studio together? Yes, through the wonderful technology of video conferencing.
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