Meeting with Other Conference Room Systems without Additional Hardware or Software


Story by Kenneth Moore

Conference rooms allow for individuals and officers to meet in one place and have a discussion regarding one or more topics relevant to the business or institution. The conference room may be able to hold ten or more individuals all in one room. Generally, other attendees who may not make it to the office can dial in on a bridge so that they, too, can participate in the discussion and share their own thoughts. With many enterprises seeing the benefits of video conferencing, this system has been adopted with 95 percent of offices adopting this technology for their meetings and conferences.

Conference rooms are expected to be a very interactive meeting and video conferencing has allowed for this to become possible. Generally, one can expect remote participants will be joining in using their laptops at other locations and with a few doing so using their handheld devices such as smartphone or tablet. Meetings like this can be had via services like Blue Jeans Meeting but may not necessarily be true for other systems. There have been reports that some handheld devices may not be compatible with a few video conferencing systems. One may be able to see other participants in the conference room but because of lack of other functionality such as front-facing cameras, users of such handheld devices may not be seen by other participants. You may have been in meetings where you hear the person speak up a lot of times but have no idea what he or she looks like. Video conferencing can help change this and help put a name to the face.

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