Mental Health Services: Can Video Technology Save Patients & Our NHS?


Story by Emily Shimell, VideoCentric
Staying mentally healthy is one of the biggest health challenges we face today. About a quarter of the UK population will experience mental health issues in the next year; illnesses of which relate to psychological, social and emotional well-being, rather than physical health, and that figure is on the rise – by 2030, it is estimated that an additional 2 million people in the UK will be suffering from a mental illness.

Poor mental health costs England alone approximately £105 billion per year, and receives 13% of the NHS budget – thought to be a major under spend, considering Mental Health accounts for 23% of total burden of disease in the UK. Even so, investment in mental health services have fallen for the past 3 years in a row.

It is also believed that only 23% of those with anxiety & depression illnesses, and only 65% of those with psychotic disorders currently seek treatment, although referrals to services continue to increase, year on year.

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