Mersive Adds Android Mirroring Capability to its Solstice Product Line


New Solstice Pod is now Generally Available

April 30, 2015  »  Denver, Colorado

Mersive, a leading provider of software-based collaboration solutions today announced it has introduced Android mirroring to its Solstice wireless presentation and collaboration product line, including the award-winning Solstice Software and the new Solstice Pod, which was announced last month and became generally available today.

The Solstice Pod is the newest addition to the Solstice wireless presentation and collaboration product line, combining Solstice Software with an Android-based hardware platform to create a turnkey wireless media streaming solution for improved collaboration in meeting rooms and classrooms. The Solstice Pod is the ideal solution for customers without a dedicated room PC while Solstice Software is available for those with existing room-based PCs.

Both Solstice Software and the Solstice Pod feature Android mirroring support from mobile devices running Android 5.0 Lollipop. The addition of Android mirroring support with Solstice further expands the ability for users to share content seamlessly from their mobile devices to the Solstice display without the need for video cables, increasing the flow of information in the meeting room for improved collaboration and decision making.

“The Android mirroring feature is a direct result of both innovation of the Android OS and Mersive’s ability to leverage those developments and add new features quickly as a software-based solution,” says Mersive CTO, Christopher Jaynes. “The availability of the Solstice Pod opens up a whole new realm of possibilities in terms of how and where Solstice is used.”

With the addition of Android mirroring to Solstice’s existing iOS mirroring capabilities, Solstice becomes the only software-based product in market to offer mirroring support for the two leading mobile device platforms.

For access to Android mirroring as well as other new features on the Solstice Pod, all users, regardless of platform, will need to update the Solstice client software apps on their laptops and mobile devices. The Solstice Pod is based on the Solstice software architecture, which offers a continuous upgrade path for access to future features and functionality in order to keep pace with changing market requirements.

Key Features on Solstice Pod 

  • Unlimited users sharing unlimited content
  • Android mirroring support on devices running Android 5.0 Lollipop
  • Desktop streaming with synchronous audio
  • Native support for 4K displays
  • Remote configuration via a web browser
  • Continuous software upgrade path
  • Built-in WAP capabilities

The Solstice Pod is being offered at breakthrough prices – $799 for the Small Group Edition (SGE) version and $999 for the Unlimited users version. In conjunction with the launch of the Solstice Pod, Mersive also aligned pricing for Solstice Software, making use case requirements – not price – the deciding factor for room-based collaboration solutions.

The Solstice Pod is available for purchase through Mersive’s authorized resellers, or small quantities of up to three units can be ordered directly from Mersive. to learn more.

About Mersive

Mersive is a leading provider of wireless media streaming and collaboration software for corporate, education, and government markets. Mersive Solstice software allows any number of users to simultaneously stream content from computers, tablets, and phones to any display – wirelessly. By removing the need for video cables and converters, Solstice improves meeting productivity and transforms traditional conference rooms and classrooms into collaborative, multi-user environments. Users can connect, share, and control any display from their own devices using their existing network. In addition, Solstice transforms enterprise displays into an IT-managed pixel-landscape through a centralized console that can be used to manage access, security, and capture analytics. Mersive’s software unlocks display infrastructure to create affordable collaboration environments that foster interaction, facilitate decision-making, and cultivate creativity. Mersive is based in Denver, Colorado. For more information visit


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