Millennials Are Twice as Likely to Use Unapproved Collaboration Apps in the Workplace

As collaboration tools like Slack and Teams become more popular, collaboration across the enterprise will inevitably evolve, and companies need to be strategic about deployment.

Story by Eileen Brown, ZDNet

There continues to be a shift in the way we work. The rise of workplace messaging platforms, like Slack and other workplace platforms, means an increase in employee productivity for sure.

But there are differences in perception in the way that IT and users feel about the raft of software tools — and users often communicate in the way they prefer — without IT’s knowledge.

Bellevue, WA-based collaboration platform management company Unify Square has released a report in partnership with Osterman Research on the unified communication habits of millennials and the growing IT vs. end-user discord.

It wanted to understand how end users are employing these applications and the benefits they see from their use.

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