Minneapolis Court Reporting Firm Depo International Debuts Mobile Video Conferencing

Video conferencing offerings now available in Minneapolis

July 28, 2017, Minneapolis, MN – For most attorneys in the process of carrying out depositions on a regular basis, it can be challenging to get to numerous locations and this can cut down on the progress they are able to make in all cases. That’s why some court reporting firms, including Minneapolis industry leader, Depo International, have incorporated mobile video conferencing opportunities in order to help clients as effectively as possible.

Being able to remotely connect multiple parties, including witnesses, court reporters, and attorneys, allows for better scheduling and less travel time. Often the leaders for implementing technology to make the deposition process better, court reporters use industry-standard techniques while constantly evolving how they work and deliver the final product based on client needs. In Minneapolis, Depo International is often evaluating the market to determine their next steps and how new technology can improve the process for all.

Depo International has a proven track record in the field of court reporting, legal videography and more and has earned a reputation around the country with numerous offices as a worldwide court reporting leader. The ethical standards for Depo International adhere to the highest moral and legal standards observed in any relationships with the individuals in their communities.

The mobile video conferencing program debut enables attorneys to be able to conduct a deposition from anywhere and still know that they are getting the benefit of an experienced court reporter with years of experience in the field. Depo International has been in business for several decades and focuses on realtime court reporting services provided by industry professionals. Furthermore, they offer help with interpreters, exhibit solutions, legal videography, remote depositions, trial consulting, global scheduling and more.

With streaming text, group chat and video and audio available immediately, an attorney’s entire team and experts can immediately join into a deposition session and remain as an active participant. This enables attorneys to cut down on travel costs and to conduct depositions effectively from a distance no matter where they are located at in the world. Attorneys can now schedule more depositions per day and ensure that each case receives the focus that it needs. Depo International is a proud provider of court reporting services across Minneapolis and elsewhere including their Las Vegas and their Chicago offices. To learn more about the services they offer, visit DepoInternational.com.


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