Mitel Acquires Unify Becoming World’s Second Largest Unified Communications Company Worldwide


Story by Daniel Newman, Forbes

There has been some major news this week in the unified communications (UC) space. Earlier this year, Mitel entered into exclusive talks with Atos to acquire Unify and this week, that deal came to a close. This brings two major UC providers together, making it the second-largest UC company in the world, and it could bring new opportunities to businesses in nearly every corner of this planet. I had the chance to engage with the company’s CEO, Tarun Loomba, and he was strongly reiterating the importance of this moment as a transformative milestone for the company and the industry. Furthermore, noting the geographic expansion and the portfolio diversification. Let’s dig into this deal and how it is set to shape the collaboration and Unified communications space.
What is UC and Why is it Important?

In an age when both the public and tech analysts are obsessed with all the cool things AI can do, we can sometimes forget that we need companies willing to do the dirty work of keeping the enterprise rolling. Some of that work–unified communications (UC)—is what literally every enterprise today is working to build. The overall goal of UC is to improve efficiency and performance by making communication and collaboration more seamless throughout the enterprise. This includes things like:

Moving comms infrastructures to the cloud
Integrating collaboration tools–something essential with work-from-home employees–to a pre-existing infrastructure
Adding automation and self-service to contact centers to improve both customer and employee experience
Creating more seamless desktop and wireless phone integration, even across branches or home offices
Integrating Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs seamlessly and efficiently into the enterprise comms system

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