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October 2014, Vero Beach, FL – MIVNET Connect®, the latest cloud based collaboration and video conferencing solution tackles the current business travelling concerns and their effect upon businesses. Traveling is no longer a necessity, with MIVNET Connect® an easy-to-use and secure alternative for multi-participant business meetings.

In the light of current global concerns concerning health related travel risks, global terrorism, lengthy travel delays, higher travel costs and less public transportation efficiency, the public is now more reluctant to travelling long distances for certain types of business meetings. Today the idea of avoiding non-essential travel is becoming more common for tech savvy movers and shakers. Considering that by 2017, mobile phone penetration will reach 70% of the world population, video conferencing solutions such as MIVNET Connect® are the most viable and accessible alternative to business traveling and the new technology seems poised for tremendous future growth.

Mobile or virtual videoconferencing provides huge benefits by cutting unnecessary traveling expenses, improving time management, reducing risks of accidents and the liabilities related to dispatching employees from one place to another to attend face to face meetings,” said Mark Levy, Managing Director and founder of MIVNET.

MIVNET, a leader of the video conference solutions industry since 1993 has recently introduced MIVNET Connect® as a global real-time video collaboration solution designed for business or individuals dispersed throughout the world. The FREE downloadable multiple attendee video application allows people based anywhere in the world to attend high quality video streamed meetings. Anyone can access it, from multinational companies, to individuals, members of communities, local authorities or academic groups.

Anyone can join a MIVNET Connect meeting anonymously however the virtual meeting (unique) meeting ID, must be created by a MIVNET subscriber and invitations must be sent to all attendees. Attendees simply enter the unique meeting ID to join the meeting. Security of any meeting can also be enabled by the creator to ensure only invited guests arrive. A geo-searchable online database of MIVNET providers is available at www.mivnet.com/.

“We’ve always kept up with the latest innovations in the videoconferencing market. For more than 20 years, we have strived to develop state-of-the art practical solutions that will sustain real-life events by eliminating such barriers as distance and time. Now it is one of those moments when our hard-work will deliver a simple, secure and reliable alternative to face-to-face meetings. With MIVNET Connect®, business associates can have their real-time encounters/collaborations without leaving their homes or offices. For business, it is much more than videoconferencing. The ability to share ideas, concepts and multiple computer desktop sharing adds another dimension to the connection. The option to record meetings is also available. The only thing that changes is that meeting conversation will be mediated by computers, mobile devices’ video cameras and microphones,” declared Mark Levy, Managing Director and founder of MIVNET.

MIVNET Connect® brings users unparalleled flexibility, efficiency and control for free. It can be installed within seconds after downloading it from www.mivnet.com. It works on any Enterprise h.323 based hardware device, Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Android and iOS device. The user friendly interface and the intuitive design allow anyone to easily create or attend a meeting. Once someone joins a virtual conference room, friends, customers, colleagues or business partners based anywhere in the world can attend from their handheld devices, at no cost at all.

Participants access a dynamic display of: video images, shared desktops, public and private text chat boxes. So far, MIVNET Connect® technology has facilitated hundreds of highly interactive business meetings, and even depositions, town meetings or interviews.

MIVNET videoconferencing environment is 100% secure. It can’t be accessed by unrequested third parties and it safeguards attendees’ anonymity. The private data or contact details confidentiality is guaranteed.

In addition, MIVNET website provides free signup facilities for those who want to keep track of their business meetings agenda online.

MIVNET is the leading directory for finding and renting fully equipped meeting spaces throughout the world. As a global supplier of video conferencing solutions, MIVNET has developed MIVNET Connect® an application which has become the go-to trusted source for international business owners. Our clients are satisfied they can cut traveling costs and compliment their existing videoconferencing hardware investments through utilizing MIVNET Connect.

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