MIVNET Embraces the Future of Business Meetings With SeeVogh

Introducing Metropolitan Interactive Videoconferencing Network (MIVNET)
Metropolitan Interactive Videoconferencing Network (MIVNET) is the largest and fastest growing online portal that empowers businesses and individuals with the ability to pinpoint fully equipped meeting spaces located anywhere in the world by connecting them with providers of high-quality video conferencing facilities and collaboration services. The business-class equipped suites operated by MIVNET subscribers are located worldwide and are available for rent on an hourly or contractual basis. Venue types include hotels, court reporting firms, audio-visual providers, executive suites, law offices, casting studios and more.
The Challenge
MIVNET was looking for an efficient solution to assist its end-users who need to collaborate remotely, such as clients who regularly travel long distances to conduct interviews, capture depositions, record expert remote testimony and receive or provide training. Although the MIVNET global directory already assists its customers with advanced searchable video conferencing facility locations, one critical feature was missing: the virtual opportunity to create and attend meetings from any device.
With the advanced communication technologies available today, and smartphone or tablet ownership continuously on the rise, MIVNET realized the only way to keep up with ongoing tech trends was to adopt a video collaboration solution that could assist any mobile platform. MIVNET decided to search for an HD mobile video conferencing collaboration solution that could guarantee a secure and reliable cloud with one specific purpose: video meetings.
“Face-to-face conversations are infallible when it comes business meetings. Live video streaming empowers productive collaborations and is the next best thing after “real-life” business meetings. Actually, it is the best thing by far, if we consider the time and costs savings. Not to mention it is also sustainable, productive and engaging.” Mark Levy, Managing Director and founder, MIVNET.
The Solution
The main criteria MIVNET had in mind for a solution was an automated pay-as-you-go H.323 connectivity portal that also provided a virtual meeting option for non H.323 participants. After analyzing the key players on the market, MIVNET decided on SeeVogh, a cloud-based video collaboration solution from eZuce.
“What we liked most about SeeVogh was that it offered high-quality mobile video collaboration, explained Mark Levy, Managing Director and founder of MIVNET. “MIVNET subscribers can log in and build virtual meeting rooms and invite attendees using PCs, MACs, Android, LINUX and iOS devices and corporate or enterprise H.323 video conference  hardware. Our end-users are mobile so we need to offer them a solution that can address their mobility with high-quality video streaming.”
MIVNET subscribers can create or attend their own meetings within a few seconds. They download, install and run the MIVNET Connect, powered by SeeVogh, application. Once a meeting has been created, participants simply enter the unique meeting ID number and immediately connect to their meeting. To address privacy and information security  requirements, attendees appear anonymous and contact details are not shared. Gatekeeping and embedded media encryption ensure a 100% secure videoconferencing environment which cannot be accessed by unrequested third parties.
The Results
With SeeVogh, MIVNET subscribers can now easily schedule and attend meetings. Remote employees or executives who typically travel for business meetings can sit together in a virtual meeting room and discuss the daily agenda in real-time. “I was very impressed by SeeVogh’s friendly interface and API,” says Levy. “I didn’t expect such an innovative solution, which is compatible with all mobile devices, to be so simple to handle, install and use.”
The entire cloud-based SeeVogh architecture, the viewing and sharing of multiple desktops a tonce plus the expandable video tiles are part of MIVNET’s goal to deliver highly customizable videoconferencing tools for its subscribers. Real-time global team collaboration has gained transparency and face-to-face human empowerment, thanks to MIVNET Connect powered by SeeVogh.
“We have been in the videoconferencing business for over two decades and we have witnessed its evolution. SeeVogh helped us lead our subscribers to the future of business meetings with their anytime anywhere solution. This is exactly what we stand for.” Mark Levy, Managing Director and founder, MIVNET.
About eZuce
eZuce provides telephony and unified communications (UC) solutions to enterprises and service providers worldwide. Organizations use our openUC suite of solutions to replace traditional phone systems, and to implement unified messaging, presence, instant messaging and other UC applications. Unlike traditional UC products, openUC is an open software platform that supports any end-user device while delivering virtually unlimited scalability, robust functionality and flexible cloud/on-premise deployment options. Combined with an open-source economic model, openUC slashes both operating and capital expenses to deliver unprecedented value among enterprise-class telephony and UC vendors. For more information on eZuce, please visit www.ezuce.com.

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