Modern cell phone video conferencing features


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As smartphones grow in popularity, the number and variety of features they offer grow as well. Here is a guide to mobile video conferencing features.

Video-telephony has been around in concept for almost a century. With the advent of the telephone, the general public has been fascinated by the idea of having face to face communication across vast distances. Thanks to increasingly efficient video codecs, video conferencing has progressed beyond the prohibitively costly systems of the 90s and is now accessible to almost everyone via their mobile phone.

The enthusiastic and widespread adoption of smartphones and tablet computers has enabled large numbers of the public to accelerate their communication capabilities while they’re on the go. The first few generations of smart phone cellular networks were not strong enough to transmit the amount of data required to support high definition video conferencing. Thankfully, with 3G and 4G LTE network capacity, video conferencing is readily available without even requiring the mobile device to be connected to a local wireless network. With cloud-based services like Blue Jeans, mobile video conferencing is a valuable asset to both personal and business operations.


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