Most Innovative Video Conferencing Vendors to Watch in 2022

The Vendors Changing Video Conferencing

Story by Rebekah Carter, UC Today

There’s no denying the rising demand for video conferencing. Currently, the video conferencing market is set to be worth around $24.4 billion by 2028, as countless companies turn to video as a way of connecting and collaborating remotely.

Essential for the era of hybrid work, video conferencing allows employees anywhere to engage in immersive conversations with both colleagues and clients. We can share content, replicate face-to-face interactions, and enhance understanding with video. Of course, before any company can leverage the true power of video, they need help from the right vendors.

While there’s no shortage of video conferencing options on the market today, some vendors are leading the way in terms of innovation. Let’s look at some of the top contenders.

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