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SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwired – Nov 12, 2014) – Net Power & Light (NPL), a leading provider of mobile collaboration software, today announced a new version of Spin™ for the Enterprise, a powerful application for mobile, multi-participant video collaboration. Spin gives businesses an array of fully integrated tools for advanced HD videoconferencing, immersive collaboration, content creation, and file sharing and storage, via NPL’s innovative Spin Gateway, on the market-dominating Box, Dropbox and Citrix ShareFile services. Signaling a dramatic departure from legacy, one-dimensional collaboration tools, Spin empowers users to convert ideas and innovation into organizational assets, all in a single session. Spin is also designed for optimized performance on iOS devices — and takes advantage of the heightened functionality and features of iOS 8 — encouraging users to collaborate on-the-fly, at any time and from any location.

Spin introduces a “shared presence” experience that enables users to move past the limitations of conventional collaboration applications. Unlike legacy applications that encourage participation but provide no functionality for content creation, Spin, with the first-in-industry Spin Gateway, allows users to bring their entire Box, DropBox, or Citrix ShareFile accounts into a collaborative setting, and provides integral tools that enable users to co-create, edit or share content assets, all in real-time and in full synchronization. Moreover, Spin incorporates a sophisticated layering technology that allows users to create new content, while repurposing existing content and protecting it from alteration — ensuring accordance with Digital Rights Management practices. Additionally, Spin leverages cloud architecture, rather than the conventional peer-to-peer, to deliver superior quality of service (QoS).

Spin also incorporates a highly intuitive user interface — not only to the application’s integral tools but to shared resources such as existing content in users’ Box, Dropbox, or ShareFile accounts. The sleek interface helps users overcome the rigid, and often arbitrary, menus of other applications, allowing users to move beyond a regimented structure to focus on collaboration and creation.

“Customers looking for a competitive edge will be drawn to a next-generation communications backbone that offers services that are both intuitive and reduce the friction and lack of consistency associated with managing multiple communications channels,” said Farooq Ali, Chief Technology Officer for OpenWave Messaging, the leading provider of messaging and communication solutions for service providers and enterprises. “NPL’s Spin aligns with our pioneering approach of a cross-channel communications platform, which seamlessly integrates communication channels including email, messaging, and collaboration, and supports security, privacy, document and storage services.”

Reinventing Collaboration

Spin defies the conventional, rigid paradigms of enterprise collaboration applications, eliminating the need to force-fit a “one trick,” consumer-focused app — such as Google Hangout — for the purpose. Participants simply drag and drop user icons to add participants to, or remove them from, a collaboration session. Spin’s unique architecture also eliminates the connectivity, bandwidth and latency issues that plague other video-based collaboration applications.

“At Net Power & Light, our aim is to help users overcome the structure and needless complexity inherent in other collaboration tools,” said Thomas Engdahl, CEO of NPL. “Companies are beginning to realize that traditional enterprise collaboration is a broken model that may, at best, enable virtual meetings, but not enable true real-time collaboration. In an industry segment where users have been forced to create their own mash-ups or work-arounds to simulate what they need, it was time to rethink collaboration with creativity and user productivity in mind. Today, Spin users tell us they are creating content that represents the best views of all stakeholders, providing immediate benefits to their organizations.”

Added Engdahl: “By creating a gateway to cloud-based file-sharing, and offering multiple customizable and synchronized tools in one easily navigable, fully portable application, we have created a shared-presence environment in which we redefine how cloud services can be most efficiently used.”

Applications for Spin

Spin-based applications enhance video-based collaboration and content creation across multiple industries. As examples:

  • Customer Service: Product support and customer service; video-based concierge services
  • Education: Distance learning; global classrooms; study groups
  • Healthcare: Medical imaging and evaluation by collaboration; patient consultation

Spin can be integrated into communications tools in a variety of fields, such as creative production for publishing, animation and graphic design; entertainment, for remote auditions; financial services, for equity trading and consultation; and consumer electronics, for developing white-label applications for mobile devices, smart TVs and set top boxes.

Key additional features of Spin include:

  • Spin’s cloud architecture results in superior quality of service (QoS).
  • Spin differentiates data streams from individual users and places streams on individual channels, delivering a superior quality of experience.
  • Rich, highly intuitive interface enhances the user experience on any supported device, ensuring ease of content development “on the go”
  • Document sharing and management on Box, Dropbox, and Citrix ShareFile
  • Advanced video-file viewing services and support
  • Powerful suite of developer tools, including APIs, allows easy integration of Spin into larger, industry-specific systems or applications
  • Spin’s open architecture allows developers to tie in to the code base to create tailored collaboration apps
  • Protection of original, repurposed content, via a layering technology that leaves original content unaltered

Additional Resources

Spin is available from the Apple Store. For more information or to inquire about partnership or developer opportunities, contact Net Power & Light at

About Net Power & Light
Net Power & Light (NPL) is dedicated to delivering a new kind of powerful technology platform that gives users the freedom and the tools to connect, collaborate, and create more deeply. Founded in 2009, NPL has numerous patented innovations that change the way people experience media, entertainment, and communications. The company’s premier product, Spin™, allows users to collaborate and create in a highly immersive environment, and allows developers using the company’s powerful LUX™ Network Operating System to develop rich collaboration and media-based applications for business users and consumers. Headquartered in San Francisco, Net Power & Light is backed by investors including Alsop Louie Partners, SingTel Innov8, Peninsula Ventures, and BSkyB. For more information, go to

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