New App “Saloote” Lets Users Form Virtual Bands and Record, Mashup & Share Videos

Saloote is the world’s first collaborative community of music lovers, musicians, and other performance artists, and allows users of all skill and experience levels to connect with musicians to record, mashup, and share their cover videos of their favorite idols’ songs across social media. Bolstered by a strategic partnership with Sony Music, Saloote is available now from the App Store.

November 20, 2014, Cupertino, CA  – Music lovers around the world who want an easy and fun way to perform, record, mashup and share videos across social media, can now head to the App Store and grab the free app that is generating tons of buzz and re-­inventing the social music experience: Saloote.

Hailed as the world’s first collaborative community of music lovers, musicians and other performance artists ­­ whether they’re enthusiasts, indie artists or professionals ­­ Saloote lets anyone perform and mashup with a virtual band anytime and anywhere. Here’s how:

  • Select a favorite hit song from the app’s growing library, which includes tracks from Pharrell Williams, Calvin Harris, Sia, Marvin Gaye, and many other established and emerging artists. New songs are added to the app each week.
  • Users record a performance using their own talent ­­ whether it’s a guitar, drums, keyboard, dance, voice, etc.
  • Browse and choose other performers [virtual band members]from among other Saloote users nationwide.
  • Create an unique mashup that could be an over­-the-­top creation, a must­-watch event, or anything else.
  • We make it super easy to edit a mashup to add a professional touch, such as highlighting various performers at different times.
  • Share the video across social media with friends, followers, fans, and anyone else.

Users will also appreciate that the app has been designed to be extremely user­-friendly, in that no equipment or video processing software or know­-how is required. Users simply need their mobile device, and the app’s intuitive interface makes it easy to turn a cool idea into a captivating video.

“We designed Saloote to revolutionize the way that music is made online,” commented Walter Bernacca, CEO of Saloote. “Now, anyone regardless of where they live, who they know, how talented they are, or how much money they have, can unite with other music lovers, musicians and artists, and create music videos for the masses. The future of social music is finally here!”

In addition to celebrating their launch, Saloote has also been chosen as one of the Best New Startups by Venture in LA: Startup Trade Mission. Saloote will also be participating in several music industry meetups in the South Florida area, with plans to expand to Austin, New Orleans, and California to further connect people through music. They are preparing a sizable presence at SXSW next year with a major attraction.

“Music is one of the world’s most powerful, expressive mediums that directly affects people’s hearts. We want to revitalize the community built by the first MySpace, fill the gap that was left and ideally, become the Facebook of music,” said Danilo Pires, CMO of Saloote.

Saloote, the new free app that has reinvented social music by letting anyone record, mashup and share videos, is available now for iPhone and iPad from the App Store at

For additional information or media inquiries, contact media(at)saloote(dot)com or call 954- 7656906.

About Saloote
Based in Fort Lauderdale, FL and founded in 2011, Saloote has invested three years of development to create an advanced, cloud-based media platform. The proprietary technology of this platform supports recording and mashup of high quality streaming video and audio with mobile and web clients.

Saloote is much more than an online recording tool; it enables music lovers and artists to collaborate in a “virtual band”, synchronizing and mashing up several individual performances into a single music video.

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