New Blue Jeans Command Center Provides Robust Service Intelligence Tool for Customer IT Organizations


Enhanced visualization, troubleshooting, reporting, and analytics capabilities empower IT staff to embrace cloud-based collaboration services, providing value to their users without losing control

Sept. 18, 2014 – Mountain View, California – Blue Jeans Network, the global leader in interoperable video collaboration services, today unveiled a new service intelligence tool, the Blue Jeans Command Center, to help enterprise IT administrators visualize, measure, and manage their Blue Jeans service.

“In today’s cloud-centric, self-service, bring-your-own-everything world, the role of IT has changed dramatically,” said Stu Aaron, CCO at Blue Jeans Network. “With Blue Jeans Command Center, our goal is to provide service intelligence to the IT administrator to help them embrace the power of cloud-based collaboration without sacrificing the visibility, measurement, and controls they crave. As thousands of enterprises have embraced Blue Jeans for company-wide deployments, we’ve realized that there are two key constituents for our service: the business users who conduct millions of audio, video, and web conferences on the service every month, and the IT administrators who support them. Both constituents are critical to the successful enterprise-wide deployments we’ve seen.”

With the addition of Command Center to an already-robust administrative toolset, Blue Jeans now offers the IT administrator deeper insight into service utilization, performance, and return on investment. Enterprise companies can have thousands of employees across countries and continents, so measuring adoption trends, user experience, and return on investment with hard, quantifiable data provides valuable insights into where and how to invest time and resources. Command Center delivers custom, deployment-wide intelligence to each administrator of the Blue Jeans service, with nothing to install, configure, or maintain.

While typical video and web conferencing services limit reports to a bare-bones set of historical data, Command Center gives administrators interactive graphs and detailed utilization and quality metrics on both historical and live meetings. Key features include:

  • Deployment Dashboard. Top-level graphs and charts display service utilization over time, geographical participant distribution, endpoint distribution, key feature utilization, and top users or departments.
  • Real-Time Metrics. Real-time meeting metrics include live meeting stats for troubleshooting like endpoint distribution and performance, in-meeting activities such as recording or content sharing, and quality metrics such as bitrate, jitter, and packet loss.
  • Historical Reports. Filtered by user-definable date ranges, historical reports deliver meeting- and endpoint-level metrics, with the option to export this data to Microsoft Excel or business intelligence solutions.

Command Center has been in trials since early August with about 100 customers, including Rosetta Stone, Red Hat, MongoDB, Rochester Institute of Technology, and Naspers eCommerce.

“Probably the biggest benefit we have seen since using Command Center is getting a 360-degree view of meetings,” said Michał Rączka, IT Office and Collaboration Director of Naspers eCommerce. “Understanding the where’s and whens are valuable, but knowing how to make meetings better is key to making our jobs easier and helping the company run better.”

“The new Blue Jeans Command Center provides a ‘wow factor’ anytime I share the information with senior leadership,” stated Dan Rosica, Global IT Program Manager at The Rochester Institute of Technology. “The live, up-to-the-minute data regarding my University’s Blue Jeans utilization make it a highly useful tool.”

Every Blue Jeans service plan includes access to the Command Center dashboard and historical reports. The optional Command Center Pro service adds real-time meeting visibility and the option to export data for analysis in Microsoft Excel or business intelligence solutions. For more information please visit:

About Blue Jeans Network
At Blue Jeans Network, our mission is to make video communications as easy and pervasive as audio communications, enabling more effective collaboration at work, at home, and on the road. Our cloud-based conferencing service makes this possible by enabling customers to connect with each other seamlessly anytime, anywhere, and from practically any device. The Blue Jeans Network extends high quality video communications beyond the traditional boundaries of specialized conference rooms and into the mainstream, allowing individuals and employees throughout an enterprise to interact more effectively with each other, and with their customers, partners, suppliers, family, and friends. Blue Jeans Network is a private company headquartered in Mountain View, California. For more information go to: or follow the company @BlueJeansNet

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