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July 26, 2017 – The market has been changing for some time. Whereas room systems and complex PC-based systems were previously used, new flexible solutions are now available on the market, which are very simple and cost-effective to operate, according to a book from schlager communications services GmbH, a training and consulting company from St. Poelten, Austria.

“New technologies and cloud-based solutions help today’s customers to achieve the best possible collaboration with little technical effort.”, said Ronald Schlager, CEO of schlager communications services GmbH and author of the book “Selecting Video Conferencing Solutions”.

“There is a number of well-known players like Cisco, innovaphone, Lifesize, Microsoft, Sony or traditional telephony solution vendors like Alcatel-Lucent, Avaya or Unify offering on-premises solutions and cloud based services for video conferencing to meet different requirements of various customers and providers”, said Ronald Schlager.

But there are different other market players offering different services, like BlueJeans Network, clickmeeting, Highfive, Oblong Industries or Zoom, according to schlager communications services GmbH.

Video conferencing solutions are undergoing a major change from hardware-based solutions with specific software to browser-supported cloud services. Investments in cloud services are increasingly not the responsibility of IT departments.

Mobile work is increasing demand for the integration of mobile devices.

Another trend is the support of a technology called WebRTC. This only requires a Web browser with the built-in features and functions. WebRTC is supported in many browsers and requires no plug-ins or installation of any software in the client.

The book “Selecting Video Conferencing Solutions” describes typical use cases of conferencing solutions and differences between cloud and on-premise solutions. Important selection criteria are described.

„Don´t underestimate user-friendliness, security aspects, and cost of the selected solution“, Ronald Schlager adds.

The book lists examples of manufacturers and cloud service providers.

A checklist summarizes important points of the selection criteria.

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Schlager communications services GmbH, based in St. Poelten, Austria, offers vendor independent trainings in the field of communications technologies (for specialists and non-technicians), consulting services and planning of modern communications solutions (network infrastructure, protocols including IPv6, Unified Communications,…), research on solutions, vendors, system integrators, service providers,… and publication of specialist books (eBooks and Print on Demand).

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