New Cloud Video Service Leverages Powerful Existing VoIP Network


Broadview Networks is a powerhouse in the VoIP and cloud based IT space. With a long pedigree (founded in 1996) of supporting enterprise communications they have adapted from the old access based model, to the modern application based model. In other words, its no longer just about providing the network infrastructure to support their customers’ communication tools, its about developing and providing solutions that specifically address and resolve users’ real communications needs. Obviously, in 2014, those needs include high definition videoconferencing. Broadview has answered this call with the release of their new OfficeSuite HD Meeting service. I spoke with Brian Cotty (Broadview Networks COO) to get the inside scoop.


Broadview has taken the challenge of today’s communications market very seriously. They operate their own converged network, with a redundant fiber-optic backbone, so that their customers’ communications quality will not be subject to the whims of the public internet. But providing the medium to connect is just the start. They are working with their customers on the ground level to help them increase productivity, lower costs, create disaster avoidance programs (disaster recovery is nice, but disaster avoidance is much better), and other real world, workflow and business production related issues. They aren’t just using this new offering to provide video for the sake of providing video, they are looking for unique and specific ways to leverage video to solve the specific business needs of their customers, whether it be internal, B2B, B2C, or next generation hybrid applications.

The OfficeSuite HD Meeting offering is powered by, but offers a few compelling differentiators. First and foremost, it can be bundled into the entire suite of Broadview’s cloud services. But this is more than just Zoom with a Broadview label on it. The Broadview team has worked closely with the Zoom developers to create an extremely customized version of the platform for OfficeSuite HD Meeting. In fact, as one of Zooms closest partners (and due to Broadview’s size and influence) several of Zoom’s leading and well received features can be traced to Broadview requests. Talk about a win-win for the marketplace, in the course of customizing Zoom for Broadview, we also get a constantly improving Zoom!

The big takeaway here is that the days of simply offering video services and expecting massive adoption are over. Smart companies, like Broadview, understand that there are many pieces of the puzzle including; the network infrastructure, a platform customized for the targeted user based, integration with a larger communications bundle/service, industry leading features and capabilities, and perhaps most importantly a stronger and more intimate relationship with the customer to address real needs and concerns. Companies like Broadview, if they want to survive and thrive, can no longer position themselves as service providers, but need to reinvent themselves as problems solvers. From my conversation with Brian Cotty, it is clear that Broadview gets this message and then some. If you are looking to empower your business with video, and want to do it with a company that understands how to best support internet based communications, you should have the OfficeSuite HD Meeting service on your short list.


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