A New Era in the Evolution of Remote Working

Remote working is unshackling workers from office desks and helping businesses to attract talent – but is it always conducive to productivity?

Story by Oliver Pickup, The Telegraph

In 2018, the phrase “working nine-to-five” is largely limited to Dolly Parton fans visiting karaoke bars. Modern employees, powered by connected technology, sing a different tune. They are encouraged to eschew traditional ways of working, and are both happier and more productive.

“Gone are the days of rigid schedules where workers are fixed to computer terminals between the hours of 9am and 5pm,” says Ryan Asdourian, senior director at Microsoft.

“With technology on our side, the opportunities are endless as the reimagined modern workplace is here. More than ever, the best talent is seeking organisations that encourage creativity, shun silos and support flexible working.”

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